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The Best CPR Classes In Philadelphia

CPR certification allows an individual to be ready for a number of life or death scenarios, and many industries believe this skillset is highly beneficial. At Penn State CPR Training, we offer a number of CPR classes from our Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, location to ensure that you're prepared in the event that someone has a heart attack or stops breathing.

Woman Preparing to Perform CPR on Dummy

Adult CPR Classes

Whether you are a nurse, caregiver, or just someone who likes to be prepared in a medical emergency, we can teach you how to perform CPR. Take our CPR classes to learn the proper methods of resuscitation so you can act quickly when someone is having trouble breathing or choking. Upon completion of our courses, you'll receive your CPR certification in person or via email.

Informative Pediatric CPR Course

It is the unfortunate truth that adults aren't the only ones who can find themselves in danger, so we are proud to provide a comprehensive child CPR course. By taking this course, you'll know exactly how to handle a child during an emergency. This course is useful for parents and caretakers alike and looks great on a resume for childcare providers and babysitters.